Scot’s Sporting Goods… The Premier Fishing and Hiking Shop in Estes Park


Madison, Scot and Rhonda

As a youngster I remember my father taking me Trout Fishing on the Big Thompson River out behind our trailer. My mom used to transport us to Dorsey Lake at the YMCA or to Joe Mills Pond where we fished with worms and salmon eggs. In my high school years, friends and I would explore the high mountain lakes of Rocky Mountain National Park with spinners and flies. While in college I went to the FENWICK FLY FISHING SCHOOL and became a fly fisherman. I started Scot’s Sporting Goods then and thought it would be a great summer job. It became more. We have become the premier guided fishing and hiking shop in Estes Park since 1971.

Mom and dad still enjoy fishing and use the bubble-fly method to catch most of their trout. They really enjoy Sprague Lake and claim that this lake contains the best tasting trout anywhere. Mom even used to tie thousands of flies for the store each year.

My craving for chocolate led me to Fudgeworks of Estes where I met my wife to be, Rhonda, who managed the store. The summer we met was spent enjoying hiking and fishing adventures to the high mountain lakes in Rocky. We were married in 1988 and Rhonda is now my partner in life and work. In 1992 our daughter, Madison, arrived and one of her first gifts from friends was a fishing jacket. You can bet we are passing along our knowledge and love for fishing and hiking.

In addition, I can’t say enough about the people who work here at the store. The IRS may call them employees but I can’t. They’re more like part of the family who out of their kindness help us out at the store. They all have a passion for fishing, the outdoors and for people in general. Their patience and knowledge they give the customer is second to none.

In conclusion, we at Scot’s Sporting Goods invite you into our family to share with us our love for fishing and the outdoors.