Fly Tying

By the Pros at Scot’s Sporting Goods

Having the right equipment and the right flies are a big part of a successful fly fishing outing.  At Scot’s, many of our guides are also experienced fly tiers.  On any given day, you can see our guides tying flies at our retail store at 870 Moraine Avenue in Estes Park. 

While many of the flies they tie are established standards such as the Adams Parachute, other flies are specially designed by our pros to catch fish in the waters in and around Estes Park.  We also carry several lines of fly fishing equipment including Scientific Anglers, Fishpond, Maxxon Outfitters, Semper Fly Rods, Frog Hair, RIO, and Redington.

We offer guided fly fishing trips.  Click here to learn.

Fly Tying Supplies

The flies our tiers tie are available in our retail store … along with everything else for your fishing excursion including camping gear, outerwear, and footwear.

Experienced fly tiers can tie as many as 12 flies per hour. But the real goal is quality, not quantity. The fly tiers at Scot’s are constantly working to replicate the current “bug” hatch in the Estes Park area. This also means changing fly colors depending on the time of year. Early in the season, black and olive are effective colors. Later in the year, flies tied with vibrant colors tend to be more effective.

Bottom line: Scot’s is your one stop shop for the best flies and all the accessories.

If you’re visiting Estes Park, considering booking one of our guided fly fishing trips.

If you’re going at it on your own, consider renting gear from us. And, of course, you’ll want to download our free Fishing Map

For a visual demo watch a video by a local tier Marty Staab on his YouTube Channel Marty’s Bench.