My name is Wayne Hinkley and I’ve been in Estes Park for 10 years now.  These mountains are exactly where I belong and I hope to share my passion and love for them with you on an adventurous snowshoe or hiking trip.  Let me take you to a magical subalpine lake or majestic mountain peak, and along the way, I’ll give you the human and natural history of Rocky Mountain National Park and Estes Park.  I’ll point out to you the local Flora and Fauna and ecosystems, identify the mountains, and tell you local and historical stories as only a mountain man can.  If you prefer a more leisurely tour, I can also take you on a plant walk.  On that tour, we’ll take a walk, at our own pace, around a mountain lake or through a subalpine meadow; and I will identify wild edible and wild medicinal plants.  If medicinal, I’ll give you their properties.  If edible, I’ll tell you the choice parts and how to prepare them.