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Maxxon Stone Fly Rod Kit 9′ 5Wt


The ideal rod, reel and line combination put together to save both time and money. Starting with our aluminum Talon reel, we loaded high-floating fly lineand backing and topped it off with a clear monofilament, tapered leader. Next, we designed the 4-piece Stone Fly series and built them to perform with lofty action to deliver the line from the reel in perfect harmony to the water. We then protected the entire outfit in a soft-lined, segmented Cordura travel case to make for one outstanding outfit.


  • 4-Piece Stone Fly Fly Rod
  • Glossy Stone Gray Rod with Black Wraps and Silver Accents
  • Stainless Steel Snake Guides and Hook Keeper
  • Silver Aluminum Reel Seat with Dual Uplocking Rings
  • Aluminum Talon Die-Cast Reel Pre-Spooled with High-Floating Weight-Forward Ready To Go Fly Line Backing & Leader
  • 5 Weight; 9 ft
  • Blue Cordura® Nylon Zip-Top Protective Travel Tube Included
  • Lifetime Limited Rod & Reel Warranty
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